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Free and easy access to third-party audience data is diminishing, as privacy regulations become more prevalent and the deprecation of third-party cookies looms. For better or worse, the publisher now has a bigger lift to communicate the quality of their unauthenticated traffic to the buyer. The question is, how? 

This webinar will explore how publishers can optimize for greater inventory value at scale across the entire lifecycle of cultivating, packaging and activating first-party audiences to safely and transparently fill in the blanks:
  • Gain deeper insights into first-party data
  • Using data enrichment to fill in second-party data gaps
  • Cataloging profiles into segments and cohorts

Previously aired on: Wednesday, February 23
Time: 10:00am MT / Noon ET / 5:00pm GMT / 6:00pm GMT+1

We’ll also explore what signals the buyer wants to see from the supply side and the best way to broker trust between publishers and buyers through standardized bid enrichment.

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