Three Ways Publishers Can Profit from
Data Enrichment

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The countdown to a world without third-party cookies has begun. Learn how you can maintain value in your inventory with our free eBook.

Free and easy access to third-party audience data is diminishing as data privacy regulations become more prevalent and the deprecation of third-party cookies in web browsers looms. So how can publishers boost the value of their ad inventory and better monetize their data?

Download our free eBook and learn practical, scalable, and actionable solutions to optimize your unauthenticated traffic by:

  • Knowing your audience via visitor behavior and engagement
  • Enriching your data streams by segmenting audiences in a meaningful way
  • Using first-party data to activate segments in the midstream

Plus you'll learn how using a platform like Sovrn for data enrichment can increase the proportion of ”authenticated” visitors by up to 10x, providing significant value for both advertisers and publishers.

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